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You will complete projects and assignments for each unit and receive feedback from your tutor. Each of the units will be graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction and these results will be used to calculate your final grade. The final grades range from Triple Pass, the equivalent to three A Levels at grade E, to Triple Distinction*, the equivalent to three A Levels at grade A*.

This qualification is valued and respected by both employers and higher education institutions. Students can progress into careers in many IT disciplines such as desktop support, network support, network management and web design. This course will also provide the opportunity to develop a portfolio of achievement to support your application to higher education or employment in the IT industry.

Individuals who are suited to the software development industry should fit the following profile in terms of personality traits, interests and abilities: interested in computer programming and development of solutions, have a strength in problem-solving, be a clear and logical thinker, have a technical and mathematical inclination, an ability to concentrate, be methodical and persistent, and an ability to put information into a logical sequence. If you have these analytical skills then this qualification will speak to you. This Diploma provides a combination of sound academic knowledge and practical skills required to be able to enter into the dynamic world of software development. The qualification offers the student a comprehensive understanding of systems and programming focusing on extensive application of skills and knowledge in computerised and programming environments. Ingenuity and creativity are particularly important as well as the ability to work with abstract concepts and technical analysis.

The Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development is run over 18 months and consists of 18 modules and includes Work Integrated Learning and the Work Readiness Program. In addition to attending lectures you will be expected to spend time conducting your own research and working on assignments.

When you graduate, you will receive the Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development conferred by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE).

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